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Need to Know/ General Management

Take The Tech Test


by Tim Moran
Editor In Chief

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OK, this is a test. A tech test.

There’s no escaping the massive changes that have taken place in the marketing realm during the past decade—or even the past few years. That exists as a site dedicated to “Digital Marketing Insight For The CMO” is testament to that. Consider some of these recent stories: “Leveraging 'Big Data': The Next Frontier For CMOs,” "A Marketer's Guide To Content-Curation Platforms,” 'Gamification' Is Serious Business For Marketers,” and “Friends With (Digital) Benefits: CMOs Link With CIOs”—and that’s just the past few days off of the top of my head. Clearly, savvy marketers must be cognizant of and comfortable with technology in all of its varied guises.

Now consider this recent blog from Inc. by Christina DesMarais: “10 Cool New Tech Ideas to Help You Market Your Business.” This is where the test starts. DesMarais enumerates 10 of the latest technologies that marketers must be aware of. The question for you: How many do you know anything about and, if you do, are you preparing to take advantage of them in your marketing scheme?

The 10 are:

  1. Facial recognition
  2. Hypertargeting
  3. Eavesdropping apps;
  4. Augmented reality
  5. Mobile: codes and spot targeting
  6. Video
  7. Incentives and virtual currency
  8. Social analytics
  9. Web
  10. Deals

Some of these might seem odd or out of place, but I urge you to read this full four-page article for the author’s in-depth look at how they fit and what they mean. In the meantime, come over to the and tell us how you did. And if you are already incorporating any of this tech into your marketing programs, then let us know how it’s going.