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Definitive Proof Global Alignment Is Real And Possible


by Michael Ruby
Vice President, Executive Creative Director
Stein IAS (Americas)

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Through lenses of rather rosy hue, I recently blogged that now is the best time to be in advertising and marketing. And I dedicated my upcoming posts to highlighting some of the things I believe are noteworthy and fueling my optimism. Now I'm thrilled to share a recent experience that has me bursting with excitement.

Last week, I had the honor and privilege to lead the two-day creative workshop as part of the annual Business Branding Network (BBN) Academy in Paris, France.

Each year, BBN hosts a professional development conference for members of its international network of 16 leading independent B2B-focused agencies and the more than 1,000 marketing professionals they comprise. SPBA recently joined the BBN and is very excited to join ranks with many of the top B2B agencies across the globe, including 2011 BMA Agency of the Year winner IAS b2b Marketing in the U.K. and France, Bader Rutter in the U.S., WOB in Germany, Fifth Ring in Dubai, Scotland, and the U.S., and LBL Communications in Russia.

Everything about the Academy was inspiring (not the least of which were the magnificent venue and the ready availability of pain chocolat and red wine). 

What was most inspiring was the people. Each and every person I met was a passionate, intelligent, talented, and awesome individual. But even more impressive and inspiring than the individuals was the collective group of BBN members.

Here were agency owners...account strategists...PR directors. Hailing from Aberdeen to Dubai…New York to Stockholm...Milwaukee to Manchester, Moscow and more. All from independent agencies. And all united and working together to support and advance a shared purpose and processes.

In the globally connected economy of today and tomorrow, agencies and clients must be able to seamlessly collaborate beyond geographical borders to achieve their goals. Experience has shown most of us that (even within a single globally distributed enterprise or agency network) this kind of integration and alignment, let alone "playing nice" and "getting along," are rare. But nowadays, it's what's required--and what BBN is uniquely demonstrating and achieving.

If you think maybe I've got my red-stained spectacles on again, I assure you there is no tint to my view. But seeing is believing. So by all means learn more about BBN’s membership and this unified global network that's standing together against business-to-business as usual.

And then take a look at your marketing ecosystem--your internal groups, processes, and agencies. Challenge yourself and know that you can create--or you can find--the global alignment you need to succeed.

I’m optimistic that if 1,000 marketers from 16 independent agencies and more than a dozen countries can get on the same page, so can you.

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