Insight/ Market Research's 12 Most Popular Posts Of 2012


Content marketing. Customer experience. Big data. Though it might seem as if those are topics CMOs have been discussing for ages, it’s interesting to note that not a single one was featured in our 2011 year-end wrap-up. But that’s the world of marketing, ever in flux.

It’s no surprise, then, that two of our most-read articles this year were about the latest digital-marketing trends. Metrics that prove marketing’s worth also proved popular, as did B2B marketing strategies and, naturally, the evolving role of the CMO. Of course we have to mention our "CMO's Guide To The Social Landscape" (No. 1 for the third year in a row), which welcomed a few newcomers, as well as a new interactive capability. What will 2013 bring? We're just a day away from getting started, and, as always, we look forward to delivering the stories about the topics that are most important and interesting to you. 

1. The 2012 CMO's Guide To The Social Landscape
For the third consecutive year, is excited to deliver our latest CMO's Guide To The Social Landscape. Developed once again by 97th Floor, an SEO, social media, and viral infographics firm, the latest social media infographic welcomes five new members to the roster.

2. Slide Show: Seven Metrics To Prove Marketing's Worth
Marrying marketing efforts to specific business outcomes is a tricky business. But difficult as it is, CMOs eager to please their bosses must be able to do so and report back that information. But which metrics are of most value? Following are seven that prove marketing's worth, along with tips on avoiding the most common mistakes surrounding their use and advice on taking them to the next level.

3. Story Time: The Rise Of Content Marketing
Content marketing as a core marketing discipline has long played a key role in advertising campaigns; when advertising piques interest, buyers typically want more information.

4. Slide Show: 10 Marketing Trends For 2012's Second Half
Some of the trends predicted by experts in late 2011 have taken off faster than predicted, such as the growth in mobile commerce and QR codes. Others, such as interactive TV and gamification, are still peeking in the horizon. But digital media remain the bright spot in marketing’s future. Here's what industry observers see trending for the second half of 2012 and beyond.

5. It's Time To Raise The CMO Bar
CMO roles have been adapting piecemeal over the past decade, but we are now at a tipping point where CMO roles need to be updated to deliver a more relevant 21st century value proposition.

6. 8 Strategies For B2B Marketing Success
Marketing-generated revenue is on the line, and the task of planning next year’s marketing budget is looming. The good news is, now is a great time to get your team thinking about both short-term goals and long-term activity. Here are eight concepts to focus them on.


7. Digital Marketing In 2012: Predictions From 32 Industry Luminaries turned to its array of contributors, colleagues, and staff and asked them what they envision the new year will bring for the digital marketing world. From new shopping behavior, to making sense of big data, to social TV and a mobile majority, their range of answers is staggering. Here is what they said we can expect in the coming 12 months.

8. 3 Strategic Questions CMOs Must Answer For Their CEOs
If your marketing organization isn’t making a measurable impact on revenue, then your job could be in jeopardy. This article presents three key questions you should ask yourself as a CMO to determine whether you need to change your strategy.

9. Slide Show: 12 Things Marketers Just Don't Get
We all know that the business world is brimming with myths, misconceptions, and misteps. Over time, organizations—and their executives—wind up with an insulated view of their businesses and a distorted view of the marketplace. Getting a handle on today’s business environment is nothing short of daunting. Here are a dozen classic marketing mistakes and what CMOs can do to improve bottom-line results.

10. What Is Marketing's Unique Core Competency?
Many marketers respond to internal pressure by perfecting ROI metrics or doubling down on efforts to be responsive to stakeholders. These are worthy goals, but marginal progress on the credibility front suggests that we’re not on a path to resolve the core problem.

11. Big Data, Big Opportunity (Infographic)
So how do you turn Big Data into a Big Asset? Where should you start? Right here, with this graphical tip sheet, which will place you square on the path from Big Data to Big Opportunity.

12. Slide Show: Top 10 Digital-Marketing Trends For 2012
With fears of another economic dip in the coming months, it looks like marketers will once again be put to the test in 2012. But it’s not all bad news.