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Highlights From The CMO Collective


by Anoop Sahgal
Partner Marketing
Adobe Systems

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I just got through attending the CMO Collective in Chicago, and although I missed a couple of sessions, there was quite a bit to take in. Overall, it was a great event with Fortune 500 CMOs (including a presentation on The Power of the Digital Self by Adobe’s own John Mellor). This week’s blog is a shortened bulleted list of some items, key CMO quotes, and stats I found of interest.

Key takeaways:

  • CMOs leveraging data and technology to drive their respective businesses were the centerpiece themes.
  • Integration really matters and don’t tease out digital on its own to measure. Look across the marketing mix model and the impact on all of your marketing initiatives.
  • Data strategy must live with the CMO and be part of the job description.
  • Aligning product with marketing is tough at the best of times, but marketing driving product innovation and differentiation amid a merger is almost insanity.

Memorable quotes:

  • “The Digital Self signals that digitally define who we are as individuals and brands.”
  • “PRSD–Post Recession Distress Disorder.” (This was mentioned in a discussion around renewed fiscal responsibility, specifically the female demographic.)
  • “Embrace Digital Fitness or go the way of the dinosaur.”
  • “This is the world of the real-time CMO.”
  • “We don’t use as much data as you like.”
  • “The CIO is my BFF.”


  • 91% of women say “marketers just don’t get me.”
  • Women now make or influence up to 85% of all purchases.
  • 22 months is the average tenure of a CMO
  • Only 13% of complaints on Twitter receive any response at all.

What’s your take?

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