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The Summer Of The CMO


by Anoop Sahgal
Partner Marketing
Adobe Systems

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Last week was quite a blur. Last Monday, I landed at the airport from a family vacation in Maui, then three hours later I was immediately on a cross-country red-eye flight to attend the first of two Argyle CMO events plus an executive dinner hosted by Adobe ('s parent company).

As always, I like to bring back a list of some key takeaways and themes that were bubbling from these marketing leaders. Now that my jet lag has passed, I'm ready to share:

1. The Brand: Brand, brand-building, and creative were prevalent topics during panel discussion and presentations. It had one of those don’t forget your roots type of feel. The importance of brand consistency, both internally and externally, is even more important now when engaging with customers–but don’t forget that the customer owns the brand, not you, the marketer.

2. The Customer: Customer experience, customer-centric marketing, customer relationship, information about the customer. . .it was abundantly clear that the customer is officially now the center of the universe. Key here was specifically around customer-centric marketing and brands having the ability to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and on the right device. It’s about embedding digital marketing in all initiatives to build stronger relationships with customers.

3. The innovation: Because of all of this information about customers, products, etc., marketing is not only driving innovation, but is expected to drive innovation. Colorful discussions about how this is the most exciting time to be a marketer, and trends for CMOs through CEO and board-level positions will be more customary because of the knowledge of the market, the business, and the customer.

4. “The Twitter”: This term was thrown around jokingly in reference to what to do with Twitter and about the impact of social. Social is driving the business and results, but don’t expect the same measurement metrics to always apply. As Pinterest and other social channel continue to emerge, the measurement model will adjust to accommodate the proper expectations. Not surprising, pretty much all “traditional” type of advertising spend on social is on Facebook across most of the industries.

5. The funnel: It’s not what it used to be. It’s evolving. It’s changing. It’s 3D. But everything I heard when it came down to how to report results in/out/across organization was the same funnel.

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Anoop Sahgal leads global marketing programs for Adobe's key agency and system integrator alliances. Sahgal has global experience in leadership roles that span marketing, product management, and business development in high technology, and has spent time time working in both the SI and agency worlds. Follow Sahgal on Twitter: @anoop_sahgal.